Programming Team:

The Programming Team is responsible for writing the code which our robot uses to move, interact with game pieces, and interact with the play field. The programmers ensure that the robot is able to perform specific tasks during the Autonomous and Tele-Op periods of the game. 

Build Team:

The Build Team is responsible for the building and maintenance of our robot. They are an essential part of the actual design process and they determine whether the design for the robot is feasible. Before our competitions, the builders divide into smaller groups that specialize in creating different parts of the robot, in order to increase productivity. 

Scouting Team:

The Scouting Team is responsible for recording important information on the function of the other teams robots at our competitions. They are essential in picking our alliances for qualifying matches towards the end of the competitions. 

Public Relations and Art Team:

The Public Relations and Art Team designs, edits, and maintains our website and Instagram. The The Art Team is specifically responsible for creating designs for our team’s merchandise, banners, and logos.